Stuffed animals are always a great present for kids. It provides an avenue for them to express their imagination and gives them a friend for when the days get a bit lonely and they need a friend. Plush toys come in all shapes and sizes. They can be animals, cartoon characters, even shapes! As long as imagination is there, plush toys can be anything the heart desires. Children use them, not only as friends, but has a way to instill a sense of security. If they hear a monster under the bed or in the dreaded closet, a plush toy will always be there to hide under the covers with them. exotic stuffed animals aren’t only there for the scary times, but also for the fun times!

There are plenty of fun games to play involving  realistic stuffed animals. It’s all about how creative you feel like being and how much you want to put into setup and cleanup. Here are some of our favorite games to play with stuffed toys. However, please be aware that these aren’t the only games out there by far. Some games require a bit more attention, so we’ll only mention games that can be played with very young children. One of these games is Sherlock Homes. In this game, the parent hides one of the plush toys, and creates riddles related to the other plush toys in such a way that each answer leads to another toy that leads the children closer to the hidden toy. For example, a sticky note on the lion can say: “I’d be lion if I said I didn’t enjoy baths with my eight-legged friend.”. In this situation, one of the toys would be an octopus (or a monster with 8 legs) that children will be prompted to find. This game is best saved for slightly older children or those that like mystery games. The following are more active, so more suitable for most ages.

Plush Musical Chairs

Like regular musical chairs, plush musical chairs involve the same rules, but with plush toys instead of a person. One round to be as follows: Chairs are set up; the kids stand in front of their seated animal while the music is stopped. Once the music is started, the plush toy must be picked up and the children move until the music stops. At that point, the plush toy is placed in a chair. If someone’s plush toy couldn’t find a chair in time, they are disqualified.

Who Am I? Stuffed Animal Edition

Put all the stuffed animals in a basket (or a bag, or empty hamper, etc.) and have the children pick a random one. After it’s selected, the animal is put back and the child needs to act out the role of the chosen animal, without talking. Whoever guess the right answer, wins and now it’s their turn!

Freeze Dance, Animal Edition

Like regular freeze dance, the animal edition involves the kids dancing while the music plays and throwing some stuffed animals around. When the music stops playing, everyone freezes and whoever is left holding a plush toy, loses.

Playing games with realistic stuffed animals are a great way to get kids active and away from electronics. Some can be played outdoors, which is a great way to get some fresh air!